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I AM ADK Photography,
a photographer-artist-designer living and working in southern California.


The short and sweet of it is Alexis D. Kubista, but that just scratches the surface. How about, hanging out for coffee chatting about photography, sunny afternoons on the beach capturing the golden light, turning rainy days into an adventure of Wellies and puddle jumping, having a wonderful experience together making art out of memories, all the while creating new and lasting friendships.


bright, natural, organic, lovely, spontaneous, fun

When I shoot weddings I document the unexpected and those little details that you spent months planning. I look at your big day as a story unfolding that I get to document for you. This means a relaxed documentary style. When I shoot portraits, I look for those little, quirky moments that will make you smile years from now. We work together to let your personality shine naturally. My photography is about real life and real emotional reactions. You might get a little prompting from me but I work to capture what is special and unique. I create pictures for you that I would expect for myself.


If you love making an adventure out of life,
Can't help laughing and crying at your happiest moments,
Don't mind if your hair gets a little windblown or your dress gets a little dirty,
Adore doggy kisses and goofy smiles,
Understand the play can be a full time job,

We may just be the perfect paring for photography.


I have a B.A. in Studio Art and have been working creatively for a number of years as an art instructor, painter, designer, and photographer. Photography for me is a wonderful exploration of seeing and experiencing life. I had a professor in college who once told me, "There are no negative spaces. In a picture those are interstices, and are just as vital for a successful image." Translation, everything you see is just as important to the whole. It is all the details, working together that make the whole. Don't miss those little important things. Be it a slight smile or the beauty of your everyday life. The mundane becomes the extraordinary.

Let me capture your big picture

ADKPhotography offers Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial options. Contact me for current rates and specials.